Giving Back

We’re working to make Pensacola great!

PNJ Media Solutions doesn't just cover our community; we're a part of it. More than reporting the news, we understand the critical role the Pensacola News Journal plays in working toward the greater good. Whether we’re donating free ad space to nonprofits through our Community Service Spotlight Program or partnering with local organizations to help them reach a specific goal, PNJ Media Solutions takes pride in making a difference for the people of Greater Pensacola.

PNJ Media Solutions annually provides thousands of dollars as well as volunteer hours and advertising to assist nonprofit organizations through three main channels:

Gannett Foundation: A philanthropic foundation sponsored by Gannett, the Gannett Foundation supports nonprofit activities in Pensacola and other communities in which Gannett does business. In 2013, the Gannett Foundation through PNJ Media Solutions made grants and matching employee donations to nonprofits totaling more than $26,000.  Contact Mitzi Shanholtzer at 850-435-8582 for more information.

Make A Difference Day: Millions of people and many businesses come together on the fourth Saturday in October to participate in Make A Difference Day. It is the largest national day of helping others and is sponsored by Gannett’s USA WEEKEND and its carrier newspapers, including the Pensacola News Journal. Each year, News Journal employees volunteer on a common initiative to help our neighbors in need.

Community Service Spotlight: The Pensacola News Journal donates advertising space throughout the year to help qualifying nonprofits promote community events.

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